Collaborations with Cardists, Magicians & Content Creators!

For TCI Re-Launch, we teamed up with a bunch of talented individuals to create some epic content for us. In this blog I'm going to show off what they provided for us!


1. Jacek Barczynski (@madaboutcards)

The first shoutout goes to Jacek for taking some stunning photography for our new website & products. Take a look at some of his photos below!

The Card Inn Unboxing Experience - Playing Cards at The Card Inn

 Flux Playing Cards - Cardistry Playing Cards at The Card Inn

Standards Playing Cards by Art of Play - Luxury Playing Cards at The Card Inn

Jacek really brought The Card Inn Unboxing Experience to life and took great product photography. Expect to see more photos from Jacek in the future!


2. Kier Gomes (@kier.gomes.magic)

Kier Gomes is a Magician & YouTuber. Kier helped create a TCI Unboxing Experience video, which you can find on his YouTube channel + our homepage. Kier also photographed various decks and created fantastic montages for our products.

Rose Gold Gatorbacks Playing Cards by David Blaine - Luxury Playing Cards at The Card Inn

Kier even created a YouTube video for The Card Inn's YouTube Channel! You can watch Kier's Ace Fulton's vs Jerry's Nuggets comparison here:

 Kier creates fantastic and regular content on his YouTube channel. Go check him out!


3. Kaitlyn Chen (@smallhandthings)

Kaitlyn is a cardist from Canada who helped create montages for our products as well as create an Unboxing Video for her YouTube Channel! Check out her cardistry below:


And you can also watch Kaitlyn's TCI Unboxing here:

As you can tell, Kaitlyn is a talented cardist! Go check her out on Instagram.


4. Peter Palka (@casparperkin)

Peter has taken photos for us for a while now, but specifically for our re-launch, Peter took some amazing photos of the Jerry's Nuggets + Star Wars decks:

Jerry's Nuggets Playing Cards at The Card Inn

Star Wars Playing Cards at The Card Inn

Go check out Peter on Instagram!


5. Katie Morris (@katiemrris)

Katie is a talented cardist who created montages of The Orbit V7 + Flux Playing cards. She also created an Unboxing video for her Instagram. Check our her cardistry below:

Check Katie out on Instagram!


6. Cavan Booth (@cavguyb)

Cavan is a Magician & regular content creator on YouTube. Cavan created a really good unboxing video on his YouTube channel + reviewed the Ace Fulton Casino decks. Watch it on Cavan's YouTube Channel:


A big THANK YOU goes out to everybody that helped with TCI Re-launch! I'm really happy with the content that was put together to help the website look better + the cool content available to share now.

Here's to more collabs in 2020!

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