TCI Gold Club - Rewards Program

What is TCI Gold Club?

The Card Inn Unboxing Experience - Playing Cards UK

The Card Inn Gold Club is the upgraded Unboxing Experience we provide customers for every 5 orders placed.

We upgrade our Classic Red Packaging to Metallic Gold, alongside some other goodies.


Firstly, we will re-cap you of the order process at TCI:

As you can see, we operate in a 5-order cycle. Your packaging changes based on the amount of orders you place.

After receiving a Silver Upgrade for your 4th order, you will reach Gold Club status after your 5th order.


The Card Inn Unboxing Experience - Playing Cards UK

Here are a list of benefits that come with your Gold Club Order:

  • Metallic Gold Gift Wrap
  • TCI Gold Club Card
  • Holographic Sticker
  • Metallic Gold TCI Sticker

 *we are no longer adding a free DS1 sleeve + glass vial per order. However these do come for free in our Subscription Boxes.

The Card Inn Unboxing Experience - Playing Cards UK


 Our order process is a 5-order cycle. This simply means that once you've received your gold club order, you start again at our Red Packaging.

5 orders later, you will once again receive your Gold Club Perks.

So look out for Gold Packaging on your 5th, 10th, 15th, etc order at The Card Inn.

The Card Inn Unboxing Experience - Playing Cards UK


TCI Gold Club is the name we provide this final reward of packaging for customers - there are no extra associated costs! You become part of this club after your 5th order placed with us.


How do I know how many orders I've placed?

By creating an account with TCI, which you can do when checking out, you should be able to see your order history. Or... simply DM us on Instagram or email us at and we can tell you!


The Card Inn Unboxing Experience - Playing Cards UK


Check out our Red, White, and GOLD Packaging here:

I really hope you guys like this rewards program! I look forward to packaging these golden orders.

THANKS to Jacek (@madaboutcards) for these incredible photos and videos of the TCI Gold Club!



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