The Card Inn Secret Stock - DROP #2 (9th June 18:00 GMT)

The Secret Stock has RETURNED... What will you discover?

The Card Inn Secret Stock - Mystery Decks


Due to popular demand we are releasing our Mystery Decks again, but this time in larger quantities.

DATE: Wednesday June 9th, 18:00 GMT.

We've done our research to find out how best to conduct this and ensure this launch will be fair, exciting, and good value for money.


How it works:

Discover 3 tiers of TCI's Secret Stock  - Bronze, Silver, & Gold, its contents remaining a mystery...

When you purchase any of these tiers, you will not know what is inside. However under each tier there will be a 'deck pool'. This will tell you each of the decks inside each tier.


JUNE 16 UPDATE - We have reduced the quantity of decks available for the Silver & Gold tier. See available quantity available as of June 16 below:

You can choose to purchase one tier, or multiple.

Gold Tier Decks - 50 available; £20.00

Silver Tier Decks - 50 available: £12.00

Bronze Tier Decks - Unlimited Supply: £9.00

The Card Inn Secret Stock - Mystery Decks

Each package has a value equal to what you pay for, and in many circumstances the package has more value than what you pay for.

There are chances of receiving duplicates, but this is very unlikely.

There is no limit on your purchase, and you can also mix and match or purchase a tier individually.


The Packaging:

Each deck is wrapped in tissue paper and sealed with a wax seal. 

NOTE: For Drop #2 we are changing the wax seal to gold, but there will be no hessian bags this time.

The Paper is bronze, silver, or gold, depending on which tiers you purchase.

The Card Inn Secret Stock - Mystery Decks


Fairness + Value for Money:

Each package has a value equal to what you pay for, and in many circumstances the package has more value than what you pay for.

There may be some occasions where a deck is out of print, and the 'value' is somewhat debatable, however we believe that no customer will be paying more money for a deck than what it's actually worth.

We have a guarentee that any deck you receive that is currently on our website, you will either be paying the exact same or often you will be paying less.

The Card Inn Secret Stock - Mystery Decks


Full Deck List:

In brackets we will sometimes list the value of the decks. This gives you an indication of the scope of your bargain. These values will be in accordance to the pricing on our website and/ or listings on ebay / other retail stores.

Please note some decks are harder to place an accurate value - e.g signed decks - and some decks are so rare there are little to no listings to compare.


Gold Tier - £20:


Best Value for Money:  Signed Private Reserve Red Remedies (£50), Signed Advocates by Daniel Madison (£30+), A1WW Showroom Decks (£28+), Pink Panther Fontaine (£30), Dealers Grip Prologue,


Additional Brands: 

  • Orbit x Aesop Rock
  • Signed Madison Advocates + Signed Private Reserve Remedies
  • Pink Advocates, Stingers, by Daniel Madison
  • Red + Blue Gatorbacks (2020 release)
  • Gold, Silver & White/black Butterflies - Unmarked / Marked
  • Halloween Fontaine, Pink Panther Fontaine
  • Flying Dog v2 - AOP
  • A1WW Showroom Houndstooth, 6006, Dot, Checkerboard
  • A1WW Red Houndstooth, Blue Logo, Split Cap/logo, Runaway World
  • Dealers Grip Offworld, Prologue, FiveTwo
  • Charmers Green / Purple
  • Enigma Puzzle edition
  • 1st V3
  • Fulton Tobacco Brown
  • Ink - Missing new york
  • Card College limited edition premium decks (1 of 500)
  • Carvers, Peelers V3 by OPC
  • Black Roses Casino v2


Silver Tier - £12:


Best Value for Money: Signed Madisonist (£30+), Ace Fulton Casino Pink (£20+), White Advocates Daniel Madison (£20+), Fultons Clip Joint Fog Edition (£17+), The Lepidopterist Pink (£17+),


Additional Brands: 

  • OPC Roasters
  • 1st v4
  • Focus
  • Black Lions Red Ed.
  • Lone Star - Pure Imagination
  • Innocence v2
  • Fulton Vintage Orange
  • Slowhands V2
  • Flatline
  • Vanille
  • Satellite
  • UFO / universe Playing Cards
  • Enigma (Red)
  • Enigma (blue)
  • wavy
  • omega
  • Abracadabra - Blake Vogt
  • Silver Cherry Casino
  • Gamblers - C. Lacoste
  • Technique v1
  • KWP Americana
  • Sin City - Riffle Shuffle
  • Gemini 1975 Orange
  • Filide Terra
  • Butterfly re-fill (Red 2nd edition without marking instructions)
  • Views
  • Mondrian
  • Rocket
  • noc 3000x1 White - Limited Edition w/ seal.
  • blue icon - pure imagination
  • Serpent


Bronze Tier - £9:

The decks in the Bronze Tier Consist of various decks from our store as of June 6th - no new decks after this will be added for the time being.

Best Value for Money: Atlantis by Riffle Shuffle (£14), Rise (£12), Ravn IIII (£12+), Orbit V8 (£12), Black Roses Hotel V2 (£12)

Additional Brands:

  • Tycoon Theory 11
  • Memento Mori Genesis
  • Jetsetter - G/R/B/T
  • Scratch & Win - Riffle Shuffle
  • Dead Hand - Xavior Spade
  • Shantell Martin, James Bond, Avengers - Theory 11
  • B-roll
  • Striped
  • Sinis Red + Green
  • Ambulance - Riffle Shuffle
  • Splash - Pure imagination
  • National, High Victorian, Citizen, Voyager, RED, Tycoon - Theory 11
  • swish
  • Trics
  • Keep Smiling
  • Misc Goods Orange, Green, Ivory,
  • Mono Hexa
  • Mizutama
  • Jerry nugget in various colours
  • Bicycle Rune
  • Cried Magic
  • Nara
  • Almond Blossoms
  • All Star - Gemini
  • Shirosu
  • pinball
  • uptempo
  • nobody knows
  • Blue Dkng
  • succulents
  • Palm Tree
  • Wild
  • Aeolus
  • Esoteric
  • King athur
  • svngali 04
  • Fifty Two
  • Division
  • Queens


Terms & Conditions:

You will not be able to get a refund if you receive a deck you do not like. 

By purchasing from TCI's Secret Stock you are granted a full list of available decks inside The Secret Stock and therefore refunds will not be applied.

Please note, these prices are based on the UNITED KINGDOM market. This just means that certain items are more valuable than in the United States. A prime example of this are David Blaine decks. Gatorbacks are typically 20 USD, but in UK are typically in excess of £20 GBP.

Please take this into consideration when purchasing because different countries price decks differently due to customs charges and delivery fees.


  • greg osborne

    Went through this on the first Secret Stockdrop and bought 2 x gold and 3 x bronze – shared between myself and the kids. I can honestly say we were up in all packs, found a coupls of decks which I’d never have bought but handled really nicely, plus the kids loved the surprise. You buy your tier, wait, get impressed by the packaging then enjoy your cards – really simple!

  • Miss Sophie Sweatman

    Could you walk us through the process as i am not getting a clear picture at all of how this works? ie 1. You pay £20 (when? how often?) 2. You select ? You are sent ? 3. Use the lists to ?? Imagining you are a customer, please outline the steps of this process as I back away if my expectations are unmanaged.

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