What is The Card Inn & Why Should I Visit?


If you didn't already know, The Card Inn offers three key things to those who visit our website:

1. Luxury & Limited Edition Cards - many of which are often not sold in the UK.

2. Learning & Development Resources - videos, articles, etc that will help you advance your magic or help you take action to achieving your goals.

3. This is an important one... JOIN THE COMMUNITY... Magicians and those interested in Cardistry are hard to come across in real life. We often connect through social media and for the lucky ones can meet at Magic & Cardistry Con's.

The Card Inn wants to create more social events for those interested in Magic or Cards to meet up and socialise. Too often our hobby limits us to just online connections -  which is great - but I believe it would be great to be part of a growing community that creates opportunity for magicians & cardists to meet. 

We aim to update our Learning & Resources section weekly and we want to include members of our community in this section. 

Special Deck Releases of The Card Inn

The US has a larger range of card retailers to choose from, however the UK is more limited. In the UK it's hard to get your hands on classics such as David Blaine White Lions, The NOC Collection, etc without having to pay international postage or searching for bargains on Ebay.

The Card Inn offers Limited Edition decks of cards and highly sought after cards. Additionally... we want to know which decks that YOU WANT to be brought to the UK that you can buy and receive within 3 working days.

We will be trying our hardest to bring you cards that are hard to find in the UK and cards that you really want.

To let us know the cards you would love to see at our store, please email thecardinn@gmail.com.

Thanks for reading - I hope you find something of value from The Card Inn

James Kiernan


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