This page is dedicated to the talented people who have helped us to create videos, photos, and overall make The Card Inn more professional.




Becky Morgan - Photographer (Website // Instagram)

Becky was our first photographer at TCI! Becky has recently taken photos for Ace Fulton, Mono - X, and a bunch of our accessories at TCI.


Peter Palka - Media Designer (Website // Instagram)

Peter was our first customer from Austria, and since has helped take many fantastic photos for TCI. These include Star Wars, Jerry's Nuggets, The Parlour deck, 1ST Playing Cards, and more!


Kier Gomes - Magician & Content Creator (YouTube // Instagram // Kickstarter)

Kier Gomes stars on the front page of our site, being one of the first people to unbox TCI Unboxing Experience. Kier created an unboxing on his YouTube channel, took photos and montages for products such as the Rose Gold Gators, Bicycle Inspire, and Echo. Kier also created a YouTube video for TCI's YouTube channel comparing the Ace Fulton & Jerry's Nuggets decks.


Jacek Barczynski - Photographer (Instagram // Website)

Jacek, AKA @madaboutcards, took some incredible photos for us. Jacek's photos of TCI Unboxing Experience are displayed on our home page, and he also photographed the Blaine Gatorbacks, Flux deck, Standards Playing Cards, and various accessories.


Manraj Jandu - Magician & Content Creator (Instagram)

Manraj has starred on TCI's first ever YouTube video which was a podcast episode, and also created a 2020 Youtube video for us about Showmanship in Magic. Expect more content from Manraj this year!


Alan Kiernan - Photographer (Website)

Alan helped us with some of our very first photography when we started up in February 2019!


Kaitlyn Chen - Cardist & Content Creator (Instagram // YouTube)

Kaitlyn Chen created some awesome cardistry montages that you will see displayed on our product pages, and also created an unboxing video from us on her YouTube channel. Expect to see us collaborating with Kaitlyn again some time soon!


Cavan Booth - Magician & Content Creator (YouTube)

Cavan has helped create content about TCI on our + his own YouTube channel. Cavan has reviewed various TCI decks on his own channel and has helped us create educational content for Magicians on TCI's YouTube channel.


Daniel Madison - Magician & Content Creator (YouTube // Website)

Daniel Madison was generous enough to create a video for our YouTube channel in the first week of its launch. Madison speaks about a tattoo of his, which translates to 'by any means necessary', and how this is important for Magic.


Katie Morris - Cardist & Content Creator (Instagram // YouTube)

Katie created two mind-blowing cardistry montages for the Orbit v7 and Flux decks, which you can see on our product pages. Katie also created a video unpackaging TCI Unboxing Experience.


Steven Goodwin - Magician & Content Creator (YouTube)

Steven has helped photograph decks such as Flux, Play Dead, Squeezers V2, and more. Steven also created a YouTube video for our channel on how to photograph playing cards.