Meet Magicians & Cardists

The Card Inn aims to integrate Magicians, Cardists & Card Collectors so they can socialise online and in person. The Card Inn aims to bridge gaps in between the various Magic conventions each year so that there are more than just a handful of events a year to look forward to in this niche community.

Here is a list of potential events to expect in the coming months & years:

  • Magician's Meet Up (London location)
  • Cardistry Meet Up (London)
  • Competitions for Magic + Cardistry
  • General Social Events for All - E.g Magic Bar/ non-magic related activity
  • Online hangouts (potential competitions/live streams. etc

*These events are not limited to JUST magicians, or JUST those interested in cardistry. Feel free to join any events. 

Right now we are in the ideas phase. We want to get off the ground and running and see what impact can be made to create social events for you guys.

Drop an email to for YOUR suggestions on potential events you would like to see and WHERE!