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This is where The Card Inn shares useful resources - such as our Podcast (Expert at The Card Inn), vlogs, and thought-provoking content - that will help you develop your magic, cardistry or your life in a positive way.



Starting Out In Magic - Featuring Manraj Jandu:


Presentation & Showmanship Advice - Vinh Giang

Above is a video from Master Magician & Public Speaker, Vinh Giang. Vinh is an expert on communication skills and in his TED Talk speaks about how Sight, Sound & Sync are the keys ways to make you an effective performer.

Vinh's talk is thoroughly entertaining and insightful and the 3 principles he leaves you with are principles you should measure your performances by.

Vinh's TEDx Talk not only applies to Magicians, but to anybody who performs in some context.


Beginner Magic Advice - Manraj Jandu (kingofhearts_13)


Manraj Jandu has been performing Magic for 11 years now and is obsessed with one thing: self-development.

Here Manraj introduces himself to The Card Inn community and talks about the struggles of starting out in Magic and what tips he would give to those who want to improve.


What every Magician MUST learn from Gary Vaynerchuk (Blog Article):

As promised, at The Card Inn we looked towards industry experts, not just those in magic, to see what insight we can take from them to help Magicians. 

In this article, James Kiernan talks through FOUR key pieces of advice that Gary Vee lives and dies by, and how this can help Magicians.

The great thing about Gary's lessons is that they can apply to many people in many different places and industries. There's always something you can learn from Gary Vee.


By Any Means Necessary - Daniel Madison

Daniel Madison shares the meaning behind one of this tattoos that translates as 'By Any Means Necessary'. Madison explains how we should apply this statement as performers of magic and how we must strive to entertain our audience by any means necessary...