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Zoom £13 Mystery Deck Singles
Zoom £13 Mystery Deck Singles
Zoom £13 Mystery Deck Singles
Zoom £13 Mystery Deck Singles
Zoom £13 Mystery Deck Singles
Zoom £13 Mystery Deck Singles

£13 Mystery Deck Singles

£ 13.00 GBP

Hurry, Only 0 Left!

How it works:

  • Chance of receiving a 1ST V6 SIGNED
  • Chance of receiving OPC EXOTIC V2
  • Chance of receiving 3 x RARE Fontaine decks, 2 of which are gilded and limited to either 750, 400 or 250!
  • Chance to receive Limited Edition gilded decks limited to just 200 copies 
  • Deck pool offers a 33% chance of receiving a SIGNED Daniel Schneider Deck(Black Roses, Remedies, Signature edition)
  • Guarenteed value for money - deck is equal to or worth more than what you pay
  • NO DUPLICATES unless you order a large amount of mystery decks (12+)
  • 25 unique decks up for grabs, 18 of which have a larger value than £13, and the remaining 8 decks being AT LEAST £13 in value

Check out the deck list below:

RARE / Gilded / Signed

 Deck Value Brand
GILDED Wild Thornberry Fontaine (1 of 250) £100+ Fontaine
Turquoise Foil Fontaine (400 made) £85+ Fontaine
GILDED Ren & Stimpy Fontaine (1 of 750) £60+ Fontaine
SIGNED 1ST V6 £45 Chris Ramsay
OPC Exotic V1 £45+ Organic Playing Cards
Deal with the devil GILDED (edition of 200) £45 Riffle Shuffle
GILDED Solidarity Gold (edition of 199) £45 Riffle Shuffle
SIGNED Smoke & Mirror v9 (pink / purple) £25 Dan & Dave
Snackers V1  £45 OPC
SIGNED Kings Wild Reserve Note £17 Kings Wild Project
GILDED Cyberware  £25
GILDED Jerry's Nuggets Black £20 Jerry's
SIGNED Black Roses / Remedies / Signature Edition by Daniel Schneider (TOP OF CELLO REMOVED TO SIGN DECK) £15 Black Roses


Jetsetter Silver FOIL Edition (edition of 1000 with number seal)

£20 Jetsetter

Boskarta (white)

£17 Wounded Corner
Fontaine 5000s  £13 Fontaine
Deal with the devil (non-gilded) £13 Riffle Shuffle
Drifters Red £13 Dan & Dave
Sons of Liberty red  £13 Dan & Dave
Sacred Fire Emerald £13 Riffle Shuffle

£13 Mystery Deck Singles

£ 13.00 GBP

Please allow 2-3 Working Days for us to take your order to the post office - Thank You!


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