Black Roses Altrosa

The Black Roses Altrosa deck is the 5th deck in the Black Roses Series- limited to 2900 decks.

The deck takes on a dusky pink colour that catches the eye, even the heart and diamond pips match this colour. The court cards are customised, the King of Diamonds being Daniel Schneider himself, whilst the queens are completely modernised in design.

As always, each Black Roses deck is redesigned by Daniel Schneider. In each deck you can notice differences in the differences between courts, pips, and even the gaff cards.

The Altrosa deck has had the standard black colour of spades and clubs replaced by a dark grey to provide a faded look, whereas the standard red of hearts and diamonds has been replaced with the pink, dusky colour of the back design.

This is the perfect deck for the Magician.

Deck Characteristics:

Limited to: 2900
Card stock: Crushed
Card finish: Air Cushoned
Printed by: USPCC
Box seal: No
Custom faces: Yes

Gaffs: 0 of Diamonds, Identical Jokers, Double Backer (one being a blue side)

Photos: @sgoodwin52

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  • £ 9.95 GBP
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