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FLUID - 2019 Edition by CardCutz is an elegant and striking deck that will compliment the cardists & performers out there. 

Every single card is uniquely customised, full of vibrant colours and a fluid design that reflects the work of an acrylic pour.

The courts are fully customised in such a way that you have never seen before. FLUID is an adventurous and special design that will captivate the attention of anybody who catches a glimpse of the cards.

FLUID is perfect for fans, waterfalls, and just about any other cardistry move out there. 

This deck was designed by Adrian Valenzuela, who you may know as the designer of the Memento Mori series...

FLUID characteristics:

Gaffs: 1 x double backer, 1 x ad card, 2 x jokers

Stock: Crushed - USPCC

Quantity: 2988 created

IMAGES: @casparperkin // @sgoodwin52 

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