Fluid Art Standard Edition (Blue / Orange) - TCC

The Fluid Art Playing Cards begins from the Blue Fluid painting and extends from there. There are Two editions at The Card Inn

  • The Standard edition (Blue / Orange)
  • The Cardistry edition (Blue / Orange)

The Standard edition and Cardistry edition share the same vibe and color scheme, however, that is where the similarities end. The tuck cases, back design, and card faces are different.

This sincerity of design has developed into two different unique aesthetics. One way to distinguish between them is by the patterns on the front of the tuck box. The front of the Standard edition depicts the four playing card pips, and the Cardistry edition depicts four squares.

The Standard Edition:

The Standard edition adopts the standard card faces, retaining the standard Ace through King face design.

The eye-catching and visually striking combo of orange and blue complementary colors permeates every facet of the playing cards. With crisp narrow white borders and simple fresh design, the Fluid Art Playing Cards Standard edition can be defined as: Art.

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