Red Roses Playing Cards by Black Roses Playing Cards (Daniel Schneider)

Daniel Schneider, designer of the V6 Orbit Deck, has released the Red Edition of the Black Roses Playing Card series. 

Daniel Schneider is renowned for putting extreme care and creativity into each deck, clearly seen in the unique customisation of the Court Cards in all their decks. 

The Red Roses Follow the releases of the Polyantha, Black Roses & Green Roses Playing Cards, and are highly recommended by The Card Inn.

With the Red Roses standard 52 cards, you also get:

  • Two beautiful and identical rose jokers
  • A duplicate 2 of diamonds
  • A double-backer

Additional features of the Red Roses:

  • Traditionally cut
  • Classic crushed paper stock
  • Air-Cushion finish


Alan Kiernan


  • £ 8.99 GBP
  • £ 10.50 GBP
  • - 14%