The Planets Series

The Planets is a collection of decks representing the planets in our solar system, starting closest to the sun and moving outwards into the surrounding universe.

The first deck of this series is Mercury, featuring creatures with stone-like heat-resistant skin.

The second deck of this series is Venus, featuring an all-female court.

The third deck of this series is Earth, featuring our version of standard human courts.

The colors are magnificent - both the tuck box and the deck itself.

The fourth deck of this series is Mars, featuring an all-male court.

The fifth deck of this series is Jupiter, featuring one-eyed bull-like creatures.

The sixth deck of this series is Saturn. Saturn is considered to rule Capricorn, which is symbolized by the goat, hence the goat-like beings represented in the Saturn court cards

Uranus, the seventh deck of the series, is the god of the sky and thus tied to the constellations formed by stars and the signs of the zodiac. Each of the 12 court cards include a zodiac sign incorporated into their clothes. Designed by Srdjan Vidakovic, this is the second project created for the Vanda Artists Series

The eighth deck of this series is Neptune, featuring monster-like sea creatures that thrive on the planet's freezing watery surface. This is the most luxurious Vanda deck series to date, with tuckbox features that include gold holographic foil, white foil, interior foiling, and embossing