About Us

The Card Inn is about more than just cards.

Whilst providing luxury & limited edition playing cards, The Card Inn provides Learning Resources and opportunities to meet Magicians & Cardists.


The Card Inn aims to offer more than just playing cards. We go the extra step further to provide unique learning resources, not just to improve your technical ability as a performer, but to offer insights on how to better yourself, not just your craft.

As you can see from the picture, we aim to draw wisdom and share the lessons of members of the magic / card community, but also inspirational figures from past and present.

The Card Inn aims to connect Magicians, Cardists, & Collectors to provide the opportunity to meet similar people.

There are some great Magic events in the UK and US including Magifest, The Session, etc. But there is without a doubt room for more. The Card Inn will try to fill in the gaps in the calendar year to create events where Magicians & Cardists can meet.


I hope you make The Card Inn your #1 place to purchase Playing Cards, but I also hope you learn something from this website and join our community of Magicians & Cardistry lovers.

Be sure to keep up to date with us on Instagram & YouTube to follow our journey and personally connect with us!

Thank you for visiting The Card Inn.

James Kiernan - Founder of The Card Inn.