About Us


Hi guys, James here from The Card Inn.

My first year of running The Card Inn was a pure experiment into the business world, exploring what I could do with my passion from a business standpoint.

I've learnt so much, and met great people in this community over the last year.

2020 is where I try my best to ensure The Card Inn provides great value to those who discover us, and to be as community-centric and different as we can.

How do we do that?

1. The Card Inn Unboxing Experience:

You can read about this in full here, however, TCI Unboxing Experience is what makes every single order from The Card Inn special. Beautifully packaged on the outside, with goodies and surprises on the inside, TCI Unboxing Experience is bound to put a smile on your face.

2. Educational & Entertaining Content:

One of our goals is to create content that teaches and passes on information to those who need it. This applies for Magic, Cardistry, and life. Stay tuned for this on our YouTube channel, but we also like to have fun! We have some great collaborations already, check them out here!

3. Community + Meet - ups.

Every Friday I go LIVE on Instagram to connect with people in our community. To give back, I will also be hosting a giveaway at the end of every month! Welcome to what I call... TCI Fridays!

Additionally, in 2020 we plan to have our first ever meet up in London! Hope to see you there.

Be sure to keep up to date with us on Instagram & YouTube to follow our journey and personally connect with us!

Thank you for visiting The Card Inn.

James Kiernan - Founder of The Card Inn.