About Us

The Card Inn is about more than just cards.

Whilst providing luxury & limited edition playing cards, The Card Inn provides Learning Resources and opportunities to meet Magicians & Cardists.


I am passionate about self-development and I like to meet new people. I want to share the lessons I have learnt from top mentors in magic, business & psychology.

I hope to include influential people in our Learning & Development sections such as:

Gary Vaynerchuk, Chris Ramsay, Muhammad Ali, Vinh Giang, Alex Pandrea, and more.

I hope to feature Magicians but I also want to involve influential people outside of Magic so visitors of The Card Inn can learn about more than just Magic & Cardistry.

I also want to help Magicians & Cardists see each other more often.

There are some great Magic events in the UK and US including Magifest, The Session, etc. But there is without a doubt room for more. The Card Inn will try to fill in the gaps in the calendar year to create events where Magicians & Cardists can meet.


I hope you make The Card Inn your #1 place to purchase Playing Cards, but I also hope you learn something from this website and join our community of Magicians & Cardistry lovers.

If you would like to follow my personal journey - follow @jkiernan52 on instagram.

Thank you for visiting The Card Inn.

James Kiernan