Shipping Rates

Here is a rough guide to our Domestic + International Shipping rates! We ship cards to the extreme majority of the world, however, prices depend on your location - we are based in the United Kingdom.

Typical Postage days: Monday, Wednesday + Fridays.

*Prices displayed in GBP*

RECOMMENDED: Tracked shipments (International) are HIGHLY advised, especially during covid-19. They are more costly, but they ship faster than non-tracked and you won't have to worry on the where-abouts of your parcel.


Delivery within United Kingdom:

Please allow up to 2 working days for your order to be dispatched.

Standard Rates:

1-500g (1st Class): £2.75

1-500g (2nd Class): £2.15

Above 500g (1st Class): £4.25 / (2nd Class): £3.50

Orders over £65.00 - FREE!

We also provided the option for 'signed for' deliveries that require a signature from recipient upon delivery. 

 *1 deck is approx 125 grams*



IMPORTANT: EU countries are subject to customs charges upon receiving their package. This is a standard procedure for receiving and sending goods overseas.

This can also happen for orders outside of the EU but are less likely.

The Card Inn is not responsible for these charges.

Want to make a BIG order of more than 12 cards? Get in touch with us at to get a quote for larger shipments.


Shipping to Europe:

1-6 Decks (No Tracking): £4.00 - £5.50

1-6 Decks (With Tracking): £8.00

7-15 Decks (With Tracking): £12.00



*As of July 1st 2020, postage rates for small parcels (5 decks or more / accessories) has risen. This is due to a significant postage change of the cost to ship from the UK to the USA. The cost to send 6 decks or less has stayed the same.

1 - 5 Decks (No Tracking): £5.50 - £9.25

6-12 Decks (No Tracking): £20.00 - £24.00

1-5 Decks (With Tracking): £10.00 - £12.00

6-12 Decks (With Tracking): £23.00 - £26.00



Rest of World:

1-4 Decks (No Tracking): £5.25 - £7.00

5-8 Decks (No Tracking): £9.00 - £14.00 

1-6 Decks (Tracking Included): £10.00 - £12.50

7-12 Decks (Tracking Included): £18.00 - £21.00


*Please note, The Card Inn is not responsible for any import fees you are asked to pay for international shipments.