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  • Things to get excited about... Which popular YouTube Magician's deck will be on sale?!

    We have a few things you should be looking forward to in 2019: 1. Limited Edition Playing Card additions... very soon we shall be releasing an inno...
  • Presentation & Showmanship Advice - Vinh Giang (Magician & Speaker)

    Vinh Giang stars in our this week's Personal Development Video. Trust me when I say that Vinh Giang is a phenomenal speaker... not only is Vinh a master magician but he is also a communication skills expert.

    This TEDx talk that Vinh gives is hilarious, insightful, and captivating. I have never felt so immersed in an online video hearing somebody speak.

  • What is The Card Inn & Why Should I Visit?

    Welcome to The Card Inn

    If you didn't already know, The Card Inn offers three key things to those who visit our website:

    1. Luxury & Limited Edition Cards - many of which are often not sold in the UK.

    2. Learning & Development Resources - videos, articles, etc that will help you advance your magic or help you take action to achieving your goals.

    3. This is an important one... JOIN THE COMMUNITY... Magicians and those interested in Cardistry are hard to come across in real life. We often connect through social media and for the lucky ones can meet at Magic & Cardistry Con's