The Card Inn Unboxing Experience + 1st Anniversary Re-Launch

Welcome to The Card Inn Unboxing Experience!

Towards the end of 2019 I was thinking... how can I make TCI stand out in 2020? How can I make it different, and how can I provide more for the customer?

I began noticing on Instagram how much people enjoyed unboxing their orders and uploading them online. The whole discovery process of what's inside, full of surprises...

So I created The Card Inn Unboxing Experience.

The Card Inn Unboxing Experience

This is how you can expect to receive all your orders from The Card Inn. Whether it's one deck, some accessories, or even if you've ordered from us before!

The outside of your package:

So, every single order comes in a cardboard box, an protective upgrade from our previous jiffy bags. An added bonus is our very own branded tape on the box!

Your decks / accessories will be wrapped in tissue paper. There will be a nice TCI sticker on the front of the package and potentially sealing the package shut. We are trialing this currently!

Inside the package:

With every TCI Unboxing Experience, you will receive the following:

  • 1 x Acrylic DS1 Deck Sleeve (This will end of November 10th, 2020).
  • A minimum of 2 x stickers. 1 x TCI sticker, 1 x special sticker
  • A Compliment Slip
  • Every order counts towards joining the TCI Gold Club ( See below!!)
  • Protected with biodegradeable + compostable packaging chips


The Card Inn Gold Club

An even more luxurious tier to receive your packages in...

The Card Inn Gold Club - Playing Card Unboxing

TCI Gold Club is  our gold packaging tier, awarded to your for milestone orders! E.g Order #5, #10, #15, etc!

Watch the trailer below!

So I hope The Card Inn Unboxing Experience will help me achieve my goal in ensuring that each customer is happy with their purchase and was provided with a true unboxing experience.

In trials I've sent to some YouTubers recently, the reactions have been fantastic. I hope this is a constant!


This is the V1 of TCI Unboxing Experience. This is just the start, and it's not perfect. 

Entering TCI's second year of business, I seek to build the brand and be more professional, whilst offering more and more to the community each year.

Not only was TCI U.E part of our re-launch, we've also added 20+ new products, collaborated with Kier Gomes, Mad About Cards, Kaitlyn Chen, Katie Morris, Caspar Perkin, and Cavan Booth for the re-launch!



Such an exciting time... I hope you guys love TCI Unboxing Experience and all the new changes to The Card Inn.

I forgot to mention we even changed our logo and website!

Thank you for making our first year in business a happy one.

Speak to you soon,

James Kiernan,
Founder of The Card Inn


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